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The Rolls Royce Ghost is simply the best luxury drivers car available.

Rolls Royce is the quintessential luxury brand. With a history of making the most luxurious and opulent cars in the world, the new Ghost is no exception. The first thing to check in any Rolls Royce is the position of the built in umbrella: it signifies who the car is made for. The Ghost has it’s umbrella in the drivers door, meaning it is as delightful to drive as it is to be driven in.

Surprisingly capable and athletic, this behemoth swallows miles with ease. Premium materials are everywhere. From the heated and ventilated perforated leather seats, to the piano black dash trim, to the wood trim that rivals the finest hardwood furniture, this Ghost just feels perfect. With a flair for the analog and tactile, the new Ghost integrates modern technology seamlessly without taking away from the sense of occasion in the Rolls Royce. This car is simply the finest high-end driver oriented luxury car rental available.