008- Maserati Gran Cabrio Convertible

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Item #:  008- Maserati Gran Cabrio Convertible

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The Maserati rental has arrived to Florida

 The all new Maserati Gran Cabrio Convertible available for rent in Miami, Palm Beach and through out Florida. We acquired one to serve a very specific person – not the person who needs flashy exotic supercars to flaunt but the person that enjoys the finest pleasures in life – especially while driving.

What to expect when you rent a Maserati

The GranCabrio marks a new evolutionary chapter in Maserati’s history. Taking the renowned traditions of the GranTurismo concept and bringing to life a new era differing immensely from every model that has preceded it and redefining the concept of a cabriolet. Designed for those who appreciate the pleasures of good taste, the GranCabrio illustrates the differences between one who merely wants to be seen in a car for the sake of being seen and one who makes every drive an experience. The model allows one to stimulate every sense of the body as the aroma of prestigious woods and refined leather meet the sound of perfectly positioned 4.7 L V8. To provide extreme fluidity while shifting gears, the Maserati utilizes a six-speed, ZF automatic transmission with a hydraulic torque converter. It offers four modes, fitted with self-adapting control, that adjusts the type of gear change towards specific road conditions and driving style.