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Lamborghini’s Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder is about as low profile as the Bill Clinton scandal and that much of a troublemaker to boot. On the road with soft-top retracted she oscillates between a deep, menacing gurgle and a piercing cacophony of 552HP V-10 goodness. Her underbelly hugs the ground, eyes furious, as the engine roars to life – a sound that firmly urges any pedestrians away from the sidewalk. An arrow-shaped space frame scorches by and the air reeks of premium fuel that mists every gawker’s eyeballs. As people gather around an orange frame 3 inches skinnier than our Range Rover Sport rental, you realize this car is a show-stopper. This is why you rent a Lamborghini. This is a proper entrance.

There’s a very good reason this Gallardo packs more punch then a veteran Russian hockey player. The engineers of Sant’Agata Bolognese–shamed by their earlier inability to compete with the F430 Ferrari–created a monster that’s meaner, more powerful, and more striking than ever before. The result is a wedge-shaped convertible demon capable of going from red light stop to 62mph in three and a half seconds, and a top speed claim of 201mph (although we’ve never been daring enough to verify this.) And if you don’t feel your face being sucked off by the speed you will certainly experience an aural awakening as what sounds like an F1 engine crescendos at 8200rpm. Good luck hearing our Miami Lamborghini playlist when your foot hits the throttle.


The interior cockpit of the Gallardo is many parts brilliant and almost no parts aggravation. It’s obvious that the interior navigation system is virtually stolen from Audi engineering labs, which is a godsend since everything just works. iPod integration and satellite radio also come equipped, although the best sound remains the 5.2 liter exhaust notes. The wide body Lambo frame will please your elbows even if the wheelbase length leaves taller drivers with something to be desired. As for the seats, they are exactly what you would want in the saddle of this animal: firm and supportive with a surprising splash of comfort. But the best part is that  View Of  Luxury  houses the topless version of this toro – granting luxury rental bravados access to every mile of the sunny Florida sky. It might even help you forget that soft-tops are about as 90’s as Nirvana.


There is a carnal thrill accompanying a drive in our Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder rental. The car is meant to be driven with such purpose you may wonder why you’d ever flip the switch out of “Corsa” mode. Pressing the throttle evokes a mandatory grin from your face even while the $10,000 paddle-shifted e-gear automated manual transmission snaps with authority. First-second-third, each shift like a slap in the kidney as the car’s nose knifes through the air, hitting 100 mph from a dead stop in seven and a half heart-stopping moments. Of course the brakes are there for when you spot those obnoxious speed traps, with calipers capable of bringing 3,800 pounds of imported machinery to a stop in 153 feet. Take a deep breath; you’re in the big leagues now.


The skinny on this angry toro

This bull lacks good-natured civility and hits harder than Brock Lesnar’s lunchbox fists. Our Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder boasts an unforgettable drive not unlike a ride in a jet fighter. Drive this Lamborghini in Miami, West Palm Beach, Naples, and Orlando and be sure to check out our Miami travel guide – just leave your kids at home.