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Miami travel birds are bound to fall in love with our beautiful Ferrari California rental. This Ferrari red machine packs a Kim Kardashian posterior, providing ample room for travelers who need a trunk space bigger than a glove box all while retaining pass-through space to the cabin. The car’s spacious interior provides plenty of room for a briefcase or leather bag via the rear seating, given the “2-plus” seating configuration on our Ferrari California rental. But don’t let other rental car agencies fool you, just because Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo proclaimed fresh after a California car cruise that the rear seating was “okay” does not mean you should subject friends to that type of torture – at least not to those of your friends with legs. Instead, subject yourself to a delightful drive with enough Ferrari muscle to thrust you to 62 from zero in 3.8 seconds – yet so well behaved in “cruise” mode that you’ll finally get off the passing lane. And as opposed to the seating, an actual “plus” factor is the Ferrari California’s 14 second retractable hardtop transition, giving riders some much deserved sunbathing time. All this makes the Cali the perfect getaway car for a business traveler eager to shake off work stress by arriving at our Miami travel guide hotspots in a Miami-sized accessory.


When Ferrari unveiled the California in front of hordes of Ferrari fans and reporters at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, the reception was not a unanimous gasp of gripping awe and approval. Critics winced at the California’s utterly hefty derrière while ignoring a beautiful new hard-top convertible design that disappeared into slender rear compartment. They scoffed at the “measly” 453 horsepower the engineers at Maranello had squeezed out of the 4.3 liter, 32 valve V8 engine while ignoring its ability to propel a 4,000 lb, delightfully curvaceous Italian aluminum and fiberglass stallone to 193mph – should you be in such a hurry. Once behind the wheel, reviews overlooked the posh leather interior, supportive seating, and elegant craftsmanship and instead exclaimed in horror as the car floated smoothly and gently around every corner they threw it into. “This is not the F430 Ferrari.”


They were absolutely right. This does not feel like our F430 Ferrari rental, a car meant more for power-hungry speed junkies. This is a luxury car rental. This is a Ferrari with a pedigree rooted deeply in a history of refined luxury cars yet embodying an exquisite approachability that borders on practicality – yeah we said it! And here we all thought Ferrari and practical never belonged in the same sentence. The drive is downright comfortable, with magnetorheological shock absorbers (mag′ned•ō′rē… magnetic damper thingies) that provide dynamic suspension adjustability settings for cruise, sport, and – Ahem! – spirited driving presets. And the maestro Ferrari engineers were kind enough to deliver some Ferrari engineering firsts like the wonderful Getrag dual clutch 7-speed automated manual transmission and a front-mounted engine that helps distribute weight to smooth out turning and tight cornering. It’s hard to break tradition and forgo the visceral feel that a manual drive can provide, but the California’s paddle shifters will make you miss a stick and clutch pedal about as much as you miss cranking up manual windows. This is how you drive a Ferrari.

  Ferrari California

All in all, the California is a luxury car rental that woos vacationers, honeymooning couples, and larger-than-life sized executives with practical engineering that compliments a wonderful driving experience. Of course, Ferrari “forgot” the pesky American-staple car cup holder, so save your double shot Café Breve and pack your aviators – our California is waiting.