008- Ferrari 458 Spider

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Item #:  008- Ferrari 458 Spider

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Exotic cars provide an amazing luxury driving experience- and VIEW OF LUXURY has the most exclusive exotic car hire fleet in Miami. Our Ferrari 458 Spider rental is the latest addition. This very exclusive and ultra rare car is brand new- and the only Ferrari 458 Spider for rent in Miami! Be the first to drive the latest & greatest Ferrari – one that picks up and outdoes where the ultra-famous 360 Modena and our Ferrari F430 rental did for Ferrari fans and enthusiasts.  , Miami’s hottest exotic and luxury rental car agency, makes renting an exotic or luxury car a pleasure.  VIEW OF LUXURY  specializes in white glove service, delivering the car to you in the Miami area, explaining the operation and features of the vehicle and then picking the car up at the completion of your rental. Renting a Ferrari 458 Spider through VIEW OF LUXURY in Miami is one of the ultimate luxury experiences.

Why spend $500,000 and wait two years when you can rent a Ferrari 458 Spider?

Renting an exotic car or renting a luxury car from VIEW OF LUXURY  in Miami is also the best use of your time and money. Many luxury industries, from estates homes to private aircraft to yachts are now available on a rental and charter basis because it preserves the capital of the client while giving them the luxurious experience they seek. The cost of owning and maintaining an exotic car is quite high, from acquisition, to service, detailing, storage and of course the depreciation! Renting a Ferrari 458 Spider from  VIEW OF LUXURY is a pleasurable and cost effective way to enjoy the latest Ferrari or any of our amazing fleet of vehicles without the costs and hassles of ownership. So when you’re asking yourself whether the right choice to experience a day or week in the 458 is worth putting out $500,000 and signing off on a waiting list for two years to own it, think again. Think of our new Ferrari 458 Spider rental – the latest and hottest rental car to hit the streets of Miami and Ocean Drive.