007- Lamborghini Gallardo-more info

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Item #: 007- Lamborghini Gallardo

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  • Msrp:  $253,985
  • Engine:  5.2L V10
  • Gas:  13 City / 20 HWY
  • Seats: 2
  • Top Speed:  198 MPH
  • Transmission:  6-Speed SCT
  • Daily Rental:
  • [1 day-$ 1,495
  • [2 day-$ 1350 per day]  
  • [3 days-$ 1,295 per day]

    The Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Spyder is an amazing piece of automotive technology sporting a V10 550-horsepower engine combined with a single-clutch automated gearbox and gifted with classic rear-wheel drive. You can look far and wide and will not find a car that delivers in all aspects of luxury that a driver is looking for, gorgeous, exotic, fast, safe and the list goes on, make a reservation and drive the car you see here.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a quintessential driver-oriented sports car and under its lightweight aluminum bodywork is an aluminum chassis with double-wishbone suspension.To avoid scraping the low nose on driveway aprons the front of this masterpiece is fitted with a hydraulic lift system.This Lambo is also fitted with the automaker’s six-speed single-clutch electro-hydraulic e-gear automatic transmission with paddle shifters mounted on the steering column.

The company’s engineers have pre-programmed Sport and Automatic modes for drivers who don’t like to pull a paddle. There is also a relatively new featured setting called Corsa mode – its race logic actuation with 40% quicker shifts giving you larger drift angles and a wider performance envelope.