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Global 5000 | Heavy Jet is one of the world’s fastest ultra-long-range private jets. Since the Global 5000 is a tad smaller and more versatile than the Express, it increases the extensive range and capabilities of the aircraft. The aircraft can travel non-stop at a speed of .85 mach. The aircraft impresses with speed, cabin size and reliability. While the 5000 usually holds around 8 passengers, with a high-density configuration, the 5000 holds up to 17 individuals. The cabin also has plenty of room for cabin amenities and business equipment including microwave, espresso machine, facilities for hot and cold food preparation and storage, and a custom china and cutlery set.


The cabin itself is superb for clientele. With sound insulation, cabin noise levels have reduced significantly. A new window design lets in more light and provides a better view for jet setters to enjoy.


View Miami like you’ve never seen it before, from thousands of feet in the air inside a Global 5000 This plane is great for trips, casual flights, and site seeing tours among other choices. Charter one today.

Msrp: $40,000,000

Seats: 14

Top Speed: 590 MPH





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