007-Jet Citation CJ1

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Item #:   007-Jet Citation CJ1


Extremely successful in the jet chartering category with great ability in three major areas – simplicity, economy, and performance. The Citation line was designed for forward-thinking businessmen that would fly their own private jets to and from business meetings, resulting in several automated systems and a simple avionics system. For those that don’t plan to fly their own jet, its ability to be flown by a single pilot offers greater flexibility in flight operations.
Its three baggage compartments can carry up to a total of 832 pounds of luggage. Seats are available for five passengers, and the full-length dropped aisle gives the cabin a roomier feel. The double-sealed door uses a fastening system similar to that of a vault, which reduces cabin noise.

The CJ1 is ideal for small companies and executives looking for an economical private jet for short-range jet chartering, usually a little over one hour. Examples of nonstop flights with five passengers include Los Angeles to Aspen and Washington, D.C. to Miami.

Msrp: $2,139,000

Seats: 9

Top Speed: 447 MPH


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