007-Jet Astra 100

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Item #:   007-Jet Astra 100


The Astra 100 is designed to fly long distances at high speeds, completing nonstop trips from Seattle to New York or from Singapore to Tokyo and has a maximum cruise speed of .84 Mach. It lives up to the standards of reliability and high performance in private jets that Galaxy Aerospace Corp and its owner, Israel Aircraft Industries, have come to be known for.The seven-passenger cabin of the Gulfstream 100 is 17.1 feet long, 5.6 feet high, and 4.8 feet wide. Total cabin volume is 375 cubic feet. All of the usual amenities are available: power outlets, a galley, and an enclosed lavatory. There is 42 cubic feet of baggage space (up to 370 pounds) in an external compartment, or 55 cubic feet if the jet is not fitted with an extension fuel tank. Despite the fact that the Astra 100’s cabin size classifies it as a mid-sized private jet, it performs like a large-cabin private jet. With a range of nearly 3,000 nautical miles and fast cruise speeds, it proves itself to be a worthy addition   jet chartering fleet.

Msrp: $1,395,000

Seats: 7

Top Speed: 539 MPH

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