007- Bentley Mulsanne

About Project:

Item #: 007- Bentley Mulsanne

  • Msrp: $ 368,500
  • Engine:  6.8L V12
  • Gas:   11 City / 18 HWY
  • Seats:  5
  • Top Speed:  184 MPH
  • Transmission: 8-Speed auto
  • Daily Rental:
  • [1 day-$ ]  
  • [2 day-$ per day]  
  • [3 days-$  per day]

 Rent the Bentley and enjoy the comfort is the name of the game with the Bentley Mulsanne and it is accomplished to a tee. With a cabin so well insulated that even the incredible V12 engine up front is magically silenced. With a 0-60 mph time of 5.1 seconds, the 3-ton Mulsanne is quick, but this is a vehicle meant for highway cruising, not quick cut corners. Considering its size, maneuvering is not as frustrating as one might think.

This is also a vehicle most prefer to enjoy rather than drive. Enjoy the rear seat while being chauffeured around Miami. And beyond sheer legroom, the Mulsanne’s rear seats recline and offer heat, ventilation and massaging functionality. Making sure the doors are completely closed is a thing of the past for the Bentley Mulsanne with its power-assist doors that after closing, give a gentle tug to confirm a complete close. Cruise the beautiful beaches as you drive down Ocean Drive in unparalleled style in Miami Beach

Hides of Scandinavian bulls cover the massive Mulsanne’s interior. That’s the unique exotic detail that goes into crafting a Bentley. Wood and stainless steel abound, the latter polished to the point of glistening in the Miami sunlight. The rear outboard seats, like the front seats, offer heat and ventilation. For even more relaxation and luxury, a massage can be had at the touch of a button

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